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KBS Factory

KBS Factory

KOBAISI BUILDING SYSTEMS, a new division of Al Kobaisi Group of Companies. With a proven track record spanning four decades, Al Kobaisi Group of Companies has made its mark in the construction industry. With a vision for innovations along with its long experience in the construction industry, Al Kobaisi group has taken traditional construction to the next level. The new patented (EP2 233 656 A1) prefabrication of block-walls is the solution for solving current inconsistencies. The change from the traditional methods of construction to the industrial pre-fabrication of block-walls produced under controlled factory conditions improves quality, minimizes construction time, cost and risk.

The latest innovation in providing fast and quality building systems to our valued customers had sparked the conceptualization of Kobaisi Building Systems. KBS launched its state of the art prefabricated block wall plant in the heart of Hidd Industrial Area. Powered by the latest technology from Germany, KBS plant is capable of producing 90 villas per month.



KBS offers complete building solutions for our valued clients.


Our professional design team is reinforced by the latest computer design technology. Providing broad design services, sensible advice and guidance to clients and customers, the KBS team translates visions into action.


The KBS Production Process is developed in cooperation with Al Kobaisi Group and NUSPL of Germany.


Block Laying

Using state-of-the-art computerized technology and highly qualified and trained production personnel assures professional handling and peak performance. Our new circular production line allows us to control quality, performance and to cut cost on man-hours, excess material and wastage.

KBS guarantees the reduction in the production cost is 100% to the benefit of clients.

KBS high quality production is embedded in quality assurance and quality control systems which are audited by TUV Bahrain. KBS quality system is having certified laboratory which assures consistency control of raw materials and semi-finished products.


Prefabricated structural and architectural Block Wall products, including;

● Art Work Panels
● Decorative Elements
● Architectural Prefabricated Block Walls



● Block Wall Cladding
● Structural Block Wall Elements


Adequate and specialized equipment and heavy duty vehicles safely transport products from the factory to the point of destination. KBS has the latest equipment and vehicles specialized in loading and unloading all elements. KBS is driven by two paramount factors; safety and on-time delivery. We value time and commitments – yours and ours.




Erection is the final stage of the pre-fabricated construction process. In this stage the design vision of clients come into reality. This is a critical stage where coordination and accuracy is essential. This is the stage where KBS makes all the difference in view of competitors: We assure throughout professional handling and precision to achieve the highest quality result.